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AAEP Enrollment Information

AAEP Enrollment Information

2018 - 2019



Nottingham Alternative Education Center

302 S. Cleveland, Dayton, TX 77535

(936) 257-4100


AAEP Enrollment Information:

  • A parent or guardian is required to accompany their student to the enrollment meeting in order for the student to attend/enroll in AAEP.
  • The purpose of this meeting is to
    • Review the student’s transcript and graduation plan (see attached)
    • Discuss student expectations
    • Review Dress Code
    • Review AAEP procedures
    • Review Attendance
    • Review outcomes/consequences for noncompliance


Expectations for Students:

Understand that you are still in high school**

Attend school every day and be on time and in dress code

Stay on task and make progress---Idle Time should be less than 30 minutes

Eat lunch before you arrive

Food & Drinks are not allowed in the computer lab

Bring paper and pencil & TAKE NOTES
Ask for help when needed

Follow AUP for computers

Do not leave campus without permission

Do not have food delivered or brought to you

Do not have your phone or electronics out in the classroom…it will be taken up and cost $15 to return



Student Warning

Parent Conference

$15 fee for phone/electronics out in classroom

Depending on the nature of the offense---Removal from AAEP



Dress Code for AAEP students:

AAEP students are required to follow DHS/DISD Dress and Grooming Code. (Found on pages 32-34 Student Handbook)

Clean clothing that is not excessively torn or damaged and is school appropriate

Shorts and skirts cannot be more than 2 inches above the knees

Hair must be a natural color, age appropriate and without designs or patterns cut in scalp. All hair including facial hair must follow DHS guidelines

Bandanas are not permitted

Exposed undergarments are not permitted

Bedtime attire is not permitted

Shirts without sleeves are not permitted

Sunglasses, hats, caps or any other head or face covering is not permitted

Words or Pictures on clothing must be school appropriate

Facial piercings are not permitted

Body piercings and tattoos including temporary tattoos must be covered at all times

Gang related attire and grooming is not permitted

School administrators have the discretion to determine the appropriateness of dress and grooming and to make special exceptions as needed.

Dress Code Violations:

Depending on the nature of the offense, a student may be given a warning, required to call parent to bring a change of clothes, required to shave or required to have an immediate parent conference.


AAEP Procedures:

Students must sign in every day upon arrival in the front office

If a student must leave for an appointment, it must be cleared with Mrs. Lott, Ms. Dailey or Ms. Hamilton before leaving

Upon arrival, please sign-in to your computer and begin working

If you need a test unlocked, please see Ms. Hamilton or Mrs. Lott

AAEP restrooms are located at the end of the hall across from the auditorium

Do not go into other classroom or other restroom facilities on campus

When you finish a class, please let Ms. Hamilton know and move on to the next course

Upon completion of your credits, Ms. Hamilton will submit your final coursework and graduation statement to DHS for their review.

You will not be required to attend school once all of your graduation requirements have been met.

If you need to retake a STAAR EOC, you will be notified regarding tutorials, study materials and testing date/time. NAEC student take STAAR tests at the NAEC.


AAEP Attendance:

You are required to attend school by state law.

Transportation is not provided. Not having a ride does not excuse you from attending school.

Working does not excuse you from attending school

AAEP school hours CANNOT be adjusted to fit your work schedule

4 Tardies will be considered 1 absence

10 unexcused absences during a 6 month period will result in truancy charges filed with the court

5 or more unexcused absences for a student that is 19 years old will result in revoking enrollment / drop from program

Parents will be contacted on or before the 4th tardy


Hopefully our goal of helping you graduate aligns with your goal of wanting to graduate. We are here to help you, but you must participate in your education and graduation plan.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Hamilton or Mrs. Lott.


April Hamilton

936-257-4100 Ext: 5110


Stacie Lott

936-257-4100 Ext: 5820